How Food Banks Work

We Are ONE are working in partnership with several other local food providers to ensure that many parts of the town and surrounding areas have access to food support.  Usage is at a record high and some people are having to use food banks for the very first time. Whilst many people know they exist, there are still plenty of knowledge gaps and misconceptions around food banks.

The most common questions are answered below.

Who can use the Food Bank?

Food banks are there for anyone in the community who needs them.

Can people just turn up?

Food bank users don’t need to make an appointment.  A referral is not necessary, however evidence of poverty / financial hardship is required every visit.  Food bank users can register online prior to attending or register at the venue. 

Who runs the Food Banks?

The Food Support Alliance is a collaboration between several local charities, most of whom rely on volunteers. 

Is anything other than food given?

No, however if non-food items have been donated these will be available too.

Food banks may also be able to signpost service users to other forms of help, including debt advice, money management, benefits guidance etc

Where does the food come from?

Unsold 'yellow sticker' food is often donated to food charities and many supermarkets will have a customer donation basket.  Members of the public and local businesses / organisations also occasionally donate.  However most food banks purchase goods from their own funds. 

How are Food Banks funded?

Food Banks are not a statutory service and therefore receive no government funding.  Donations and grants are required to run vehicles, purchase food and provide warehouses. 

Do you deliver food parcels?